Tofu – delicious and healthy

Tofu is the ugly duckling of Chinese food. Gently squeezing under the finger inconspicuous piece of white mass, without smell and nature-it’s hard to see in him an object of desire. But it is only seemingly. In good hands swells and slamming.

First, soy beans and water. Must spend several hours until soybeans, swollen and sunny yellow, is ready for the next step. Ground with a small amount of water turns into a white, thick liquid. Then straining. On gas is okara, soy residue, full of fiber and rich in protein, and the dish drips soy milk. Now the climax-coagulation. In China most often used for the plaster, in Japan, nigiri (magnesium chloride obtained from sea water). Dissolved and mixed with warm milk powder shall accede to the action and after a few minutes in a quivering mass of the cutting board.A high water content, soft, delicate and it is best to buy them in a plastic container that protects fragile contents from the destructive influence of the rest of the purchases in the grid. This tougher better look at the morning market where the seller straight from the casserole will cut off the spatula ideal cube and will wrap to the foil bag. A large serving of tofu cut into small cubes will be used for the contribution to the soup, potowarzyszy a little meat in the faux-meat dish or will play an independent role in giving dinner. You can cook Japanese tofu, fry it with sauce, or fried or provide cold topped with a light soy sauce and sprinkled with chopped peanuts, garlic or hundred-year-old eggs.
Tofu, produced and prepared in a variety of ways, a common component of regional cuisine.. The name of the tofu in China, moreover, is used not only to products from soybeans, so all kinds of products with similar to tofu. There is a hei doufu-black tofu, made from blood pipe ducks, chickens or geese; reddish bitter tofu, made from the tree the beech family. After all, food should not only taste good, but also be healthy.