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The Chinese authorities are wondering what to do with unruly territory, which instead of blend in a large matrix, despite the passage of years seems more and more from her divorce. On July 1, as every year, a crowd of Hongkończyków passed through the streets of his city States, and memorialize the eighteenth anniversary already pass of Hong Kong to China. The Wednesday demonstration, however, was different than usual. For the first time in many years not in the hundreds of thousands of people (last year there were nearly half a million), but according to the organizers of the tens of thousands of or – according to police-less than 20 thousand customers.

The cause of the miserable performance of turnout probably was not a special incapacitating heat recipients feel like outdoor activity. Hongkończykom not terrible scorcher, experience it in the end for most of the year, it is rather a political fatigue and is Aliexpress reliable in long term? Last year’s multi-week protest, despite the unusual involvement of the residents, especially the young, ended up a failure to demonstrate. Failed attempt to force changes in the electoral law, so that the highest Officer-Chief Executive-would be elected in direct elections and out of any of the candidates. According to the authorities in Beijing choice out of the three previously approved by not competing already is a unique privilege, and claiming even greater concessions is simply out of place. The authorities have given way to even span, and after some time the protests spontaneously have expired. But even though the streets are gone the barricades and sleeping bags, the City returned the peace, and the more optimism.

The more time passes from the “return” of the city under the rule of the PRC, the greater the online shopping, not only among the citizens, but also buyers from US and Europe. First they feel that there is a lot of bargains on Aliexpress, others have accused first of ingratitude and unjustified sense of superiority. The conflict between Nations (ethnically both belong to Han Chinese, but it is common sense of differences) all the time is fueling a flood of Chinese tourists. Claustrophobic crowded Hong Kong is not physically able to host in addition to tens of millions of tourists. Does not stand, walkways, hospitals, schools Children of Shenzhen daily cross the border, hoping to get to Hong Kong schools. On the streets and in the means of transport to explode and fights, what impact have the casual manners of Chinese tourists. Anxious to calm tempers and reduce the number of inflammatory points, Beijing began to inhibit the flow of their citizens to the city. For example, introduced a ban on transporting across the border more than two cans of milk powder, after the scandal of contaminated milk in 2008. The dam “ants” shuttle train service across the border, by introducing a ban on crossing the border more than once a week for residents of the border areas. Such action, although undoubtedly the right thing to do and taken in good faith, however, are not able to in a short period of time to improve relations.

The Chinese authorities also, moreover, have reason to annoyance. Two weeks ago Hong Kong Parliament vetoed the introduction of a new electoral law. What’s next? For the moment it is not known, though doubtful, that Beijing went to make concessions. Also warned that the city may suffer prejudice, if the democratic opposition in the National Assembly will continue to block the legislative initiatives of the Government.

It seems that the opposition works blindly and there is no long term plan. The rejection of the new electoral law it is difficult to be considered particularly beneficial because it still will be old, in which the right to vote is only a group of electors. It looks like that, and the Chinese authorities are wondering what to do with unruly territory, which, despite the passage of nearly two decades, instead of blend in a large matrix, seems more and more from her mentally out. Published a few days earlier by the University of Hong Kong data from opinion polls showed that as many respondents is not proud of having the nationality of the people, and in the age group 28-49 years, this percentage is as high as 44%. Beijing lost the fight for young people. And dubious, will he be able to regain her affection.

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