Singles Day in China

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Being a modern single, and rather old-fashioned old bachelor or spinster still does not enjoy recognition in China. In ancient times, unmarried stubbornly called guanggun bare sticks, naked branches – by comparing them to trees not issuing the fruit. Begetting offspring, in Chinese realities still permitted only in marriage, it is for the Chinese still one of the most important life goals, and for the older generations – even the most important. And on this day, besides Christmas, almost everyone is giving gifts to each other.

The son of guarantees survival, making offerings ancestors and care in old age. It is no wonder that visible in the statistics of getting late marriage and the increasing number of single people resonate in China a lot of emotion and produce a range of discussion and of course traditional gifts that you can buy on Aliexpress. So what can you expect from typical Chinese gift? Well, pretty much the same stuff that you could get in Western World. Online shopping is here at least as much popular as it is in United States. Delivery service often can’t keep up with growing needs for sending parcel to buyers.

Because November 11 falls in a period of downtime shopping between the Golden Week the first week of October, holidays on the occasion of the celebration of the establishment of the PRC and Christmas, the feast of the single proved to be an extremely good excuse to improve sales performance. Since 2009 for the promotion or rather, purchases on the occasion of the feast in his online store Tmall took a group of Alibaba-the world’s largest online trading company, the scale of the success exceeded expectations Is Ma-founder and owner of the group, as well as the richest man in China. Currently, he is trying to conquer America with his online stores and Aliexpress went to New York Stock Market just last year ago. In 2011, Alibaba has patented a few trademarks that contain different versions of the names of the holidays, for example. Utilizing the unique accumulation of zeros, has promoted “the largest since the time of the Qing dynasty” holiday single. The effect of these actions were not only a gigantic turnover, but also punching to the minds of the Chinese idea of a Christmas single alias purchases.