Chinese revolution or iPhone revolution?

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Question: I believe that the problems of the people of China are so serious that the reforms are no longer make sense and only revolution can lead people in the right track.

Answer: Let’s say that the revolution has not been suppressed, which in itself is incredible. Imagine a revolution in progress, students, weight, elite, intellectuals, peasants and workers will not be able to come to an agreement. Missed the one group of people-the poor, which is now about 250 million. Usually does not return to them, because I never use the network. When the revolution reaches its middle stage must appear. A revolution without the leader is doomed to fail, what a good example is the White Lotus sect, and even with the leader, not necessarily to good ends, here an example can be Taipingowie. The leader in the Chinese style is by no means will this nice and noble man, which you imagine sitting in front of the computer. The leader of the sooner will be the dominant, selfish, mad and venomous businessmen. Yes, it sounds familiar, the Chinese had to deal with, only those are able to enter the ranks, because in this society has accepted that the villains rule, and poczciwcy covered.

The leader of the chosen by young intellectuals wouldn’t earn much on stock market. The more educated people are, the less you are willing to be subject to, because soon abandon the revolution. When the elite will be gone, there will be a change in the composition of the revolutionary masses. No matter how beautiful the password was taught early on, eventually, and so will remain one word – money. In the milder version-odajcie us our money; in more tough-material equality led grabieżami. Please do not think that rozwodzę over this, because I have a little bit of money and I’m afraid to lose them. During the revolution, those who have iPhone stocks, operate a motorcycle, surf the Web, read newspapers regularly, eat at KFC or even read the text, it will be considered as rich and become the enemy of the revolution. Rich with 100 million Yuan will be safer from those who have 10 thousand. The former, when open doors, on the threshold of the New York Times, found the worst will have you middle class investors or ordinary working people. In the past, during the political campaign people seek each other destroy, now respect the only money, so now will destroy for Mammon. Just a picture. In addition, the Chinese like to settle, it will also lead to persecution.

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