Pet Education

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Education of pet can be quite taxing. People try different methods, different ways, but looking at what’s going on, not so much in China, even in tokyo, I have the impression that Chinese parents give up without a fight and to the subject did not even come up, and you may not want to. Or maybe … Behavior patterns are passed from generation to generation and other standards themselves do not know.

The whole situation seems absurd, but a few days later, the same dog is blown up  by his mother in a rubbish bin in a women’s toilet and it actually explains it. There is no doubt that  the dog passes used to further generations. Comforted by the thought of me the rest of the members of the group, those who disgust the exploits of a friend. They all hope. But the topic came up to me with a completely different reason. Last was because of a brawl in the subway, which a sympathetic passenger and threw in the Internet. And it escalated quickly…

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Singles Day in China

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Being a modern single, and rather old-fashioned old bachelor or spinster still does not enjoy recognition in China. In ancient times, unmarried stubbornly called guanggun bare sticks, naked branches – by comparing them to trees not issuing the fruit. Begetting offspring, in Chinese realities still permitted only in marriage, it is for the Chinese still one of the most important life goals, and for the older generations – even the most important. And on this day, besides Christmas, almost everyone is giving gifts to each other.

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