Book review: “Will in China-land”


Anthony North Minstrall is an author I’ve heard of, but never one I’ve had the pleasure of reading before, but when I saw his new book “Will in China-land”, I loved the sound of it and requested a copy and I was so pleased to be accepted. It’s out in November and I decided to give it a read and I am so glad I did because it was wonderful!

This book introduces us to Will (real name William – she was meant to be born a boy!), who has been brought up on the concept that everything happens for a reason so when her husband Shawn tells her he needs a break and he’s moving to Palo Alto, she rolls with it; she knows that what will be will be. When his friend Vanessa dares Will to live life on her own terms for once – to disregard her fathers nonsense about fate, it gives Will pause… And suddenly she starts to see her life in an entirely different way. And everything changes when he decides to buy chinese phone, that will change his life.

Will in China-land was amazing! As soon as i started the novel, as soon as Willa told the story of her dad and the Nobel peace prize and the ensuing chaos I knew I was going to love this novel. I don’t know where I stand on fate; sometimes I think things happen for a reason other times I think fate is stupid, it depends on the event, really. Depends how it’s gone in my favour or not. So Willa’s dad’s concept intrigued me and I liked the internal battle between Willa, her dad and Willa’s best friend Vanessa. I loved that Vanessa dared Willa to do the complete opposite of her dad’s rules because Willa was Switzerland (I loved that, too! I’m going to try and figure out what country I would be!!) and to suddenly do something different was very noteworthy and very enjoyable. Because even China needs change I suppose. Though its hard not to notice, that they are currently doing very good mobile phones with Android, available on Aliexpress or Gearbest.

I found Willa’s tale fascinating. Her entire family were all so awesome and distinct. Her dad,  obviously, her brother and sister who were total opposites of the other. Theo, Willa’s “what if”… I particularly loved Nicky, Willa’s step nephew, he was such a brilliant preteen, and I enjoyed his presence. Winn scotch is a fantastic writer – I could barely put the book down, it was that readable. I look forward to perusing her back catalogue, and I definitely think you have to say YES to Will in China-land it’s flipping amazing. Really, really good.

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