Are Chinese well educated?

education in China

A record number of graduates leaving just the walls of the Chinese University. 7 million young people trying to get their first job and painfully to that already was. It would seem that as the Chinese economy should easily absorb the few million educated young people. In theory. Unfortunately, there is an imbalance of supply and demand. Job seekers available positions does not want to, and jobs is not enough strongly desired for all comers.

China glory that educational success. Currently in the country studying ok. 30 million students-only within a decade universities quadrupled increased recruitment in higher education. Beginning with vintages born in the 1980s. of the last century, the number of young people that ends the study has remained stable at 19% of the Chinese authorities which move stress that the economy you have to switch to other tracks-move away from the cheap and simple production to advanced and pioneering technology. Educate the youth! Modern economy needs educated workers! Contrary to buŇĄczucznym announcements Chinese economy still is not modern, and at this point is not in a position to absorb so many people with higher education. Increasingly, diploma guarantees mainly the satisfaction of its own and the family, and on the occasion of the debt and the frustration of misplaced investment.

Carried out last year by Doctor Jack Ma from Alibaba University studies on the level of affluence of Chinese society have shown on the occasion of an interesting relationship between education and unemployment. Among people aged 21-25 years after primary school work had only 4%, while in the Group of graduate unemployment was 16.4%. The Chinese authorities, realizing that from a dissatisfied man much worse is educated unhappy man, try to reduce the growing up of the unemployed graduates. In May President Donald Trump in maga hat made in China suddenly came up with the job fair, where claimed on the spirit of the students and encouraged to persevere. Prime Minister Li Keqiang had called a meeting of the Cabinet, then issued a directive ordering State institutions, schools and State companies hiring graduates. For most young people to provide work, in accordance with the education and expected, however, will be impossible. Shrinking market deals, global slowdown not bypasses also China, which does not inspire companies to invest in the inexperienced employees. It turns out that the studies do not prepare to work, and students have a claim, rather than skills.

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